Being a member of a workers’ union in the U.S. protects you under state and federal laws. These laws keep the workplace fair and ensure you get to use the benefits afforded to you by your employer, without discrimination or risk to your position. Among those benefits are health insurance coverage, personal leave and medical leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). If you suffer addiction, your rights enable you to get help through a workers union addiction treatment program and return to your job as a healthier and more productive person.

Your Right to Quality Treatment in a Workers Union Addiction Treatment ProgramWorkers Union Addiction Treatment Program and drug rehab for union workers

Your state cannot override your federal rights as a union worker. It is the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) that actually provides the most protection for you as an employee. But states add to these laws for areas the federal government does not cover under the NLRA.

Regardless of where you work or who you are, as a member of a workers union you deserve the same treatment as any other type of worker in the United States. This means you also deserve the better life a workers union addiction treatment program affords you. Don’t suffer dependence on drugs or alcohol any longer. Like any employee, you can use your personal leave, the Family Medical Leave Act, group insurance policy and other benefits to get the help you need.

When you seek help from a workers union addiction treatment center like Acqua Recovery in Midway, Utah, you get more than just help for your addiction. You also receive the support of caring professionals who understand your need to keep your job and use the benefits that job affords you. In fact, in a drug rehab for union workers, you have advocacy for making all of these things work to your benefit, together with quality detox and rehab care.

Remember that sober and healthy employees make the best union workers. You prove safer on the job and more productive when you do not struggle with behavioral health problems like addiction. So seeking help from a workers union addiction treatment center benefits your employer, just as much as it benefits you.

Utah-Based Addiction Treatment for Union Workers

Union members and leaders receive the highest quality modalities at our facility. This Utah addiction treatment center frequently treats members of unions. This includes those working in Utah and the other 49 states. Specifically, you receive an array of therapies, educational programs, and support services.

Acqua Recovery Center’s drug rehab for union workers provides the same treatments and approaches as for other members of the community. However, this is possible with your unique workplace needs in mind. If you suffered a drug or alcohol violation at work, you can work with your employer or union leader to get your life back on track through licensed treatment. Or, if you make this choice for rehab confidentially, Acqua Recovery Center helps you maintain your privacy. Either way, this treatment works with your insurance coverage and benefits package to get you the help you need.

The mix of support and treatment Acqua Recovery Center provides union workers includes:

Get Help Today for a Better Work Life

Regardless of your job title or work location, you need help for drug or alcohol addiction. Through the workers union addiction treatment program, you gain the recovery you want. So call Acqua Recovery Center now at 866.830.4628 for more information about treatment for union workers.