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Dealing with an addicted loved one can be absolutely exhausting, not to mention frustrating. Maybe you’ve thought  that you can help your loved one get sober on your own, but the truth is you can’t! You can’t be responsible for their actions and you shouldn’t feel responsible for their substance abuse either. For your loved one to finally find freedom from their addiction, they need professional addiction treatment. So how can you help them to get the help that they need? What are your options when it comes to addiction treatment programs? Here are some factors you may want to consider when finding an addiction treatment program for your loved one.

Types of Addiction Treatment

If you’ve been Googling addiction treatment programs, you probably have come across a myriad of addiction programs. Boiled down to it, addiction treatment programs offer one or more of the following:

  • Detox
  • Residential 
  • Partial Hospitalization (PHP)
  • Intensive Outpatient (IOP)
  • Outpatient (OP)

While some might want the program with the least time commitment, it’s not always the best option. PHP, IOP, and OP programs are not “full-time” treatment, meaning your loved one would get treatment during the day, but still live in their current situation. Putting your loved one into a residential addiction rehab program allows them to take a step back from their life and the influences they have around them. For your loved one to not only get sober, but to stay sober, residential treatment may be your best option. Once you find your residential addiction treatment program, they will set you up with a detox program prior to your loved one’s admission.

While you’re seeking the right type of treatment you need to keep in mind that even if two programs both offer residential addiction treatment, their treatment modalities could widely differ. Choosing the right program could be the defining factor in whether your loved one finds lasting recovery or relapses after treatment.

Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment

When looking for a residential addiction treatment program (also known as in-patient) for your loved one, you should look for one that offers a dual diagnosis approach to treatment. Almost always, addiction is caused by other co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder etc. As these disorders go untreated or unmanaged, it will continue to fuel your loved one’s substance abuse. Trauma also drives a loved one’s substance abuse, so look for a residential rehab program that also uses a trauma-informed approach to treatment.

At Acqua Recovery, we utilize both a trauma-informed and a dual diagnosis approach to customize a treatment plan for every individual, thus treating both the addiction and the underlying mental health disorders. To learn more about the treatment modalities we use to help your loved one build a solid foundation for lasting recovery, click, HERE.

A Sanctuary for Recovery

For many the idea of residential addiction treatment can sound daunting. When you approach your loved one about getting treatment let them know that at Acqua Recovery they won't be in a hospital setting, rather  a sanctuary where they can take some "me" time and focus on their recovery. 

At Acqua Recovery, in Midway, Utah, your loved one can sip their morning coffee overlooking our glistening lake or meditate under the whispering trees on our vast campus. In addition to our evidence-based addiction treatment modalities, we offer experiential activities, such as hiking, kayaking, fishing, equine therapy, boxing and more. Through this, we can help your loved one learn healthy ways to cope  with triggers by showing them fun activities that can be used as a replacement for drugs and alcohol. We also offer outpatient addiction treatment and recommend it to support your loved one in their early recovery post-residential addiction treatment. To learn more about our outpatient program, reach out to us today.

What about COVID? With the rise of the Delta Variant, you may have some concerns about your loved one going to rehab, but we’re here to make sure they stay safe and well. We work round the clock to make sure our facility is clean and both our staff and clients are healthy. 

Our admissions team are actually all alumni of our program and can tell you how Acqua was able to change their lives for the better. They’re here to help your loved one take the first steps on their journey to recovery by making the admissions transition easy on the both of you. Reach out to us today to help your loved one renew their life and find recovery at last.

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