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Paying for Residential Addiction Treatment: How To Get the Substance Abuse Help You Need in 4 Steps

By Acqua Recovery on December, 25 2020


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For someone struggling with substance abuse, admitting that you have a drug or alcohol problem can take years. Actually deciding to seek help can take even longer. But what do you do if you need and want professional addiction treatment, but you can’t afford it? In 2017, it was estimated that about 19% of those struggling with addiction didn’t get the treatment they needed ( Unfortunately, the cost of substance abuse treatment is often a significant factor. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired due to your struggle with addiction, Acqua Recovery can promise you that hope is not lost. Addiction treatment IS affordable. Here’s how to get the substance abuse treatment you need in four relatively easy steps.

1. Choosing A Residential Addiction Treatment Center

Finding the right addiction treatment center doesn’t just mean finding the one that costs the least. Unfortunately, not all residential treatment facilities are equal. Even though you may think that you can save money by choosing a cheaper program, that could cost you even more in the long run. You may end up having to go to a second addiction treatment program if the first doesn’t work. Worse, you might never get a second chance

At Acqua Recovery, we use evidence-based treatment that shows results. (Check out our latest data here.) This is based upon a dual-diagnosis approach that treats your addiction AND the underlying trauma that likely has fueled it. You can trust that our Masters-level clinicians will work with you to find your best path to recovery — and to prevent relapse after that. The truth is, getting substance abuse treatment will save your life and finding a comprehensive addiction treatment program that cares about helping you may be the best — and most important — decision you ever make. Recovery is truly priceless.

2. Insurance Coverage for Your Addiction Treatment

Once you’ve chosen an addiction treatment program that’s right for you (and not just your wallet), find out how your insurance could help you pay and what percentage they are willing to cover. If you have insurance, your coverage depends on your plan and the benefits specific to your plan. Don’t know who or what to ask? Find out if you’re in network or out of network with the addiction treatment facility you’re looking into by calling the number on the back of your card. Or, call or chat us here and we can check it out for you. Addiction treatment is not an expense that you have to shoulder on your own.

In-Network Coverage for Addiction Treatment

“In network” means that your insurance plan is contracted with the substance abuse program, and your insurance provider is therefore more likely to cover a larger portion of the cost. Depending on your plan and if your deductible has been met, it’s possible your insurance will cover most of your residential stay, allowing you to focus on your healing rather than your expenses.

Out-of-Network Addiction Treatment

“Out of network” means that your insurance plan is not contracted with the addiction treatment program, likely making the total cost of treatment more expensive. However, depending on your insurance plan and your out-of-network deductible, it’s still possible that you will pay a minimal amount. Don’t rule out an out-of-network addiction treatment program. For more information on deductibles and how to pay for substance abuse treatment with insurance, click HERE to check out The Complete Guide to Paying for Addiction Treatment. Or, give us a call.

3. Find Alternative Ways To Afford Substance Abuse Treatment

No insurance? No Problem! There are plenty of other ways to pay for residential addiction treatment, such as paying out of pocket, payment plans, and sometimes even scholarships. At Acqua Recovery, we will work with you to find a payment method that works for you. We believe financial restriction and insurance coverage shouldn’t play a part in your decision to get the help you need and the treatment you deserve! If you don’t have insurance and are planning to enroll during the open enrollment period, click HERE for the helpful questions you should ask before choosing the best plan.

4. Call Acqua’s Addiction Treatment Admissions Team

The final step to getting the residential addiction treatment you need is to contact the facility to figure out your payment options ahead of your stay. At Acqua Recovery, our caring admissions team can help you verify your insurance and answer questions about payment options. In addition, they can share an insider’s view of our residential addiction treatment program. Our admissions team, Matt, Brian, and Ashlee, are all alumni of Acqua’s treatment program and are passionate about making the admissions process as simple and successful for you as it was for them. Give us a call today to reconnect with yourself and begin living a better life.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse and you think you can’t afford addiction treatment, give us a call — we can help.

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The Complete Guide to Paying for Addiction Treatment

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