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Helping an Addict or Alcoholic: Resources for Loved Ones

By Acqua Recovery on July, 23 2021


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Is your spouse or family member’s substance abuse problem tearing your whole family apart? How do you — and the rest of your family — cope with your loved one’s substance abuse struggle? You may want to ask for help, but don’t know where to turn to. Here are a few resources for the loved ones of an addict or alcoholic. 

Addiction Treatment for Your Loved One

The first resource you should contact is an addiction treatment center for your loved one to not only get sober, but begin to work on the underlying issues causing their substance abuse.

The truth is that addiction is a disease and it needs to be treated professionally. Acqua Recovery will act as a guide for both you and your addicted loved one. Our caring admissions team are all alumni of Acqua Recovery and have been through the process of receiving addiction treatment. They’ll help walk you through what steps to take to get your loved one on the path to recovery and get you the support you need. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance to rediscover a life free from addiction. To get a better idea of the typical addiction treatment pathway, here’s a breakdown:

Residential Addiction Treatment

This is typically a 30-90 day addiction treatment program where your loved one will live on Acqua’s beautiful and serene campus. Located in Midway, Utah, our residential addiction treatment program will give your loved one time away from regular life, so they can focus on the underlying trauma that fuels their addiction.

Outpatient Programs

Support is crucial for your loved one in early recovery (after residential treatment). With our outpatient program, your loved one will be able to continue with our evidence-based treatment modalities, such as, individual therapy, relapse prevention, and life skills, to continue working on themselves.

Sober Living

The transition back to life after residential addiction treatment can be overwhelming and triggering for your loved one. Acqua offers men’s sober living, so your loved one can begin to get a feel for their renewed life of recovery while having the full support of others in the same position.

Support Groups

Recovery support groups are a valuable resource for your loved one’s after-care. These groups host regularly scheduled meetings where people in the sober community (or those who are struggling to get sober), can come together and share their thoughts. These groups are full of supportive individuals who have successfully found long-term recovery and are willing to help those that are stuck in the cycle of addiction. 

There are numerous types of recovery support groups that have meeting opportunities throughout the day:

Recovery Meetings

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)

NA (Narcotics Anonymous)




Support Groups for the Loved Ones

Just as your loved one struggling with substance abuse needs support, you need support for yourself. While we help your loved one build the foundation for a lasting recovery, we believe it’s important to also help the family of the addict or alcoholic. There are many support groups for the loved ones of those struggling with substance abuse. Even if your friend or family member has yet to go to treatment, you can find the support and advice you need in meetings like:



Families Anonymous

SMART Recovery Family & Friends

You can always use us as a resource to find loved one meetings like these around you. 

You’re not alone, and Acqua Recovery is here to help. From finding support groups to approaching your loved one about their addiction, we’re here to help. Reconnect with your loved one and reach out to us today to learn more about getting your struggling loved one on the path to recovery.

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