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  The opioid epidemic in Utah impacts countless lives across the state. Heroin, morphine, and codeine have high addiction potential. Therefore, opioid addiction treatment must counteract the physiological and psychological dependence caused by these substances. With that being said, how can therapists at a safe and effective opioid rehab in Utah help you or a loved one?

Therapists Stop the Physical Addiction First

Anyone struggling with an opioid addiction knows the pain of withdrawal. It’s the fear of that pain keeping you using. Withdrawal symptoms can include gastrointestinal upset, severe muscle cramping, and worrisome mood swings. According to opioid use statistics, Utah has one of the highest opioid use rates in the country. Opioid withdrawal can be hard, and the thought of going through it alone could easily result in a relapse. First, Acqua Recovery's opioid addiction rehab program in Midway, Utah can eliminate or minimize the discomfort of withdrawal. Secondly, it’ll offer medical supervision of the withdrawal process since consistent monitoring protects your health and keeps you comfortable. With medically assisted treatment in Utah, you can complete an opioid detox program in about a week.

How Acqua Recovery Combats the Opioid Epidemic in Utah

Overcoming opioid addiction does not happen overnight. Thus, breaking the physical addiction through a detox program in Utah is just the first step. Also, you need to learn coping mechanisms that will help you deal with the situations triggering you in order to prevent relapse. Therapists at Acqua Recovery help you prepare for these situations. For example, some therapies we use in our prescription drug addiction rehab program in Midway, Utah include:

Aftercare Protects Early Sobriety

No opioid addiction treatment program is complete without a reliable and accessible aftercare component, because it keeps you on track. Most importantly, it eases the transition home. Since the reach of the opioid epidemic in Utah is far combatting opioid addiction requires the help of professionals. Our heroin addiction rehab program in Midway, Utah offers an aftercare program. The goal of this program is for you to return to work or find employment for the first time. Aftercare programs in Utah make it easy to structure your day in a way that you don’t experience boredom. Because boredom is a common trigger for relapse. Also, many people attend support group meetings. Opioid use statistics in Utah show opioids are easily accessible. In fact, they are much more readily available compared to other states.  The opioid epidemic in Utah has claimed thousands of lives from overdoses alone. Therapists at Acqua Recovery, a Utah opiate addiction treatment center, can help you heal, so learn more about the opioid epidemic in Utah and how Acqua Recovery can help you or a loved one, call [Direct] today.

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How to Help a Veteran Find Freedom from Addiction

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