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What To Do If You Relapse During Quarantine

By Acqua Recovery on November, 20 2020


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Congratulations. You’ve made it! We’re coming up on the end of a very hard year - for many of us, the hardest in recent memory. With COVID, quarantine, and government restrictions, we all have struggled. People experiencing mental health issues or addiction, however, may have had an even harder time due to loneliness, isolation, and financial insecurities. This even may have led to a relapse. With lockdowns continuing and the pandemic wave growing, it’s important to know you’re not alone, and that there are resources available to you. Here’s what to do if you relapse during quarantine.

Don’t Hide Your Relapse

First and foremost, the most important thing to do if you relapse is to be honest about it. Don’t let yourself get sucked back into the swirl of denial that comes with addiction. Even if you live alone and you can’t go to a meeting, or you can’t visit a friend because of quarantine — let someone know. Keeping it a secret will only cause guilt and resentment for yourself. 

With today’s technology, you can reach out to someone instantly if you feel as if you’re going to use or have already used and don’t know what to do. If you have a recovery support group you would attend if you weren’t in quarantine, reach out to your home group. Or, if you don’t have one, most AA, NA, and alternatives are hosting meetings through Zoom. To find out more about support group alternatives, check out our blog post here, or give us a call! Our caring staff are always here to listen and help you — because they’ve been there too. 

Be Kind to Yourself if You Relapse

If you do relapse during quarantine, remember that we are only human — and that’s why it’s even more important to reach out for help. Many people have relapsed, and there’s probably many other people out there in the world feeling the same way that you are. Remember that you aren’t a bad person, and you aren’t alone. Blaming or getting angry with yourself for relapsing will increase your negative emotions and may even trigger the continuation of use. So be kind to yourself, and understand that self-love and self-care are a significant step towards the path of recovery after relapse. 

At Acqua Recovery, we believe in a trauma therapy approach and dual diagnoses to give our clients the tools they need for relapse prevention and to rediscover a life in recovery. We will teach you self-loving and caring actions to recognize when you’re feeling triggered to use and how to cope with it in ways alternative to drugs and alcohol.

Don’t Be Ashamed to Go Back to Residential Addiction Treatment

We understand that quarantine can feel lonely and isolating. If you have relapsed, take the first step and get help — you can’t get sober again on your own. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed about going into an addiction treatment program again. 

The pandemic is actually a great time to get sober in residential treatment. It’s safe, and you’ll be surrounded by people who support you and want to help.

At Aqua Recovery, we focus on helping our clients, no matter where they are in their recovery, to reconnect with people and find the beauty in life once again. Through group therapy sessions and group experiential activities, we’ll give you the tools you need for reconnection and give you the opportunity to explore exciting sober activities you can enjoy in recovery. Our masters-level clinicians will listen to you and customize a program that works for you to decrease the chance of relapse.

Finding the Right Addiction Treatment Center

Ultimately it’s your life at stake. If you don’t get professional help after relapsing, it could lead to withdrawals, more relapses, and a continuation of the downward spiral caused by addiction. If you’ve relapsed, going to an addiction treatment facility could save your life — but it’s important that you find the right one. Taking a chance on a residential addiction treatment program takes a lot of trust, and going to a treatment center that fails to focus on the crucial elements of a successful recovery will only make your struggle harder. For tips on finding the right treatment center for your recovery after relapse, click here.

At Acqua Recovery, our caring staff and master-level clinicians will not only help you overcome your addiction; but also, the mental health issues that may be fueling it. With our combination of innovative modalities and effective holistic practices, Acqua Recovery is a sanctuary for you to heal — away from the loneliness and isolation associated with quarantine. 

At Acqua Recovery, we take all precautionary measures and follow CDC guidelines to ensure your safety and allow you to focus on your recovery. We test all of our clients for COVID-19 upon arrival and quarantine them until the results come back negative. After that short time period, you can feel safe to begin reconnecting, rebuilding relationships, and renewing your path to recovery with our other clients going through the same thing you are. If you are struggling with addiction and the effects of the pandemic, call or chat one of our caring admission team members to help you to a brighter future. We’re available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

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