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Benefits of Sober Living Homes After Addiction Treatment


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Acqua Recovery

Addiction is a relentless disease and it takes time to get comfortable in your recovery. After residential addiction treatment, you have the tools you need to build your foundation for recovery, but that foundation is still shaky. Getting back into the “real world” can be a challenging moment. To help with that transition, Acqua Recovery offers a sober living residence for men post-treatment. Here are just some of the benefits of sober living.

1. Recovery-friendly Environment

A benefit of sober living is being able to start your new life in recovery in a drug- and alcohol-free environment. Immediately returning to the same environment you were in before you went to treatment can be triggering and increase the chance of relapse. You would probably have easy access to drugs or alcohol if you went back into your old life, and the more time you spend away from your substance of choice, the easier it will be to sustain sobriety. At Acqua’s sober living, you’ll have a longer time to process the transition back to life after residential addiction treatment.

2. 24/7 Support

Sober living environments also provide you with the guidance and support you need during your transition back to life after addiction treatment. At Acqua Recovery, our sober living is managed by an alumnus, Chris S., who is passionate about helping those in early recovery to stay sober. He has an open-door policy and will help with anything from job applications to recommending coping mechanisms. 

3. Lasting Relationships

Before going to residential addiction treatment, you probably hung out with people who liked to drink or use like you. Obviously, they aren’t going to help you in trying to stay sober. Staying in a sober living residence after treatment, on the other hand, allows you to live with others that are in early recovery, just like yourself. You can build lasting relationships with those in the sober community.

4. Navigating the Transition Back to Life

Sober living at Acqua’s residence will help you with your transition back to life. This includes helping you get a job or volunteer work as well. Idle hands and idle minds can be a threat to early recovery after residential addiction treatment. We’ll help teach you how to build onto your foundation of recovery and encourage a life of sobriety.

5. Relapse Prevention

Most importantly, sober living supports relapse prevention. You learn the skills to use for relapse prevention while in residential addiction treatment, but with sober living, you can apply them and find the best coping mechanisms that work for you while having support to stay clean and sober. 

At Acqua Recovery, we know there’s a difference between getting sober and living a life of lasting recovery. The latter takes work, but it’s worth it. With Acqua’s sober living program, we’ll help ease your transition into life after residential addiction treatment and guide you to feeling confident in your sobriety. To learn more about our sober living program and how it can help you build a lasting recovery, give our caring admissions team a call today.

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