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Substance Abuse Treatment During the Holidays: Get Help Sooner Than Later

By Acqua Recovery on November, 25 2020


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With the holidays right around the corner, stress is starting to set in for all of us. This year, however, the tension is on a whole other level. With quarantine restrictions and other regulations, you may feel more isolated than holly jolly. If you or a loved one has been struggling with substance abuse, that’s the last thing you need. Maybe you’ve considered getting addiction treatment before, but you’ve decided to put it off until after the holidays. Just remember: You might not get that chance. The holidays may exacerbate your addiction, until it may be too late. Getting residential addiction treatment help sooner than later may just save your life - or that of your loved one.

Addiction Treatment Excuses 

We understand that it may feel overwhelming and scary to go to an addiction treatment program, and especially during the holidays. You might want to wait until you can have one last New Year’s bash. Sure, sobriety can be your New Year’s Resolution, but you don’t have to wait to get addiction treatment. 

If you’re dealing with an addicted loved one, they might be using the holidays as another excuse, too. Don’t let them. You just might save their life. For more information on other excuses used to avoid treatment - and how to respond to them - click here

Addiction Treatment Safety 

COVID-19 is still a factor, and as people gather together for the holidays, the risk of contracting the virus is higher than ever. At Acqua Recovery, you or your loved one won’t have to worry about COVID risks. We follow all CDC guidelines and quarantine all new incoming clients until we get a negative test result. 

At Acqua Recovery addiction treatment, you’ll be focusing on yourself and using the time to heal while under professional care. In fact, it may be safer than anywhere else right now! You’ll feel comfortable and at peace in our sanctuary of recovery, as you rediscover yourself and renew your hopes and dreams. 

Spend the holidays in a beautiful, serene environment where you know you’ll be safe. To learn more about our safety protocols, click here.

Substance Abuse Help 

After a short quarantine period, you’ll be able to connect with people who are going through the same thing you are: addiction. As our staff is mostly in recovery too, you or your loved one can spend the holidays in an environment where you’re respected and understood. Sounds better than arguing with family members or spending Christmas alone, right? Either way, you’d probably end up increasing your substance abuse. 

What better way to spend the holidays than taking a break from the drama and taking a positive step in life? 

Addiction Treatment & Insurance

Getting help sooner rather than later is beneficial for insurance reasons as well. Issues could arise on January 1, due to the fact that deductibles often start over on that date, or your network could change. At Acqua Recovery - whether you’re in-network, out-of-network or paying for addiction treatment out-of-pocket - we are more than willing to work with you or your loved one to find financial solutions for your stay. Our priority is helping you or your loved one begin the path to recovery. 

Insurance should never be a reason for not getting the treatment you deserve. Talk to one of our caring admissions team members to find out your options today.

Addiction is a Disease. Treat it Now.

If you are seeking addiction treatment for a loved one, please don’t wait just because you want to spend time with them during the holidays. Addiction is a serious disease; and, just like any other disease it needs to be treated professionally and in a timely manner. Delays in treatment could result in death. Save a life and reach out to us today. You can feel comfortable knowing your loved one will be sitting by our fire, overlooking our snow-topped campus and serene lake while they can begin their recovery — in a sanctuary for healing.

Matt, Brian, and Ashlee, from our caring admissions team can answer any questions you have and make the process of getting to our beautiful campus as easy as possible. All of our admissions team members are alumni who came to work at Acqua after discovering their passion for helping others. They will tell you that getting help sooner rather than later is the best decision anyone can make - for themselves or their loved ones. Reach out or send us a chat today.

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