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Substance addiction is a complex problem requiring a multi-faceted approach. The epidemic of substance abuse has harmed countless lives. While many people begin the pathway to healing, for one reason or another they slip into relapse. The reasons people relapse are just as varied and complex as addiction itself. However, there are some ways to help people stay on the pathway of recovery. Using mindfulness to prevent relapse is a successful technique. Anyone who has completed a rehab program can benefit from relapse prevention therapy in Midway Utah. It is essential to take advantage of the recovery tools offered at a rehab facility. Because if you do so, you are much more likely to have long-term success.

What Causes Relapse?

One reason people relapse is that they complete their first stay in rehab and then go right out into the real world unprepared. Once on their own, they realize they may be unprepared for the different temptations and cravings that hit them. Other people do not have anyone to provide support for them once they get out of rehab. The isolation and loneliness can lead them back into using drugs or alcohol again. Or if the main associates and friends they did have were ones that used substances, it may be tempting to return to the old life. Finally, if someone hasn’t been properly diagnosed, it could lead them to relapse. If they have a mental health disorder in addition to a substance use disorder, they must receive dual diagnosis treatment.

What is Mindfulness Cognitive-Based Therapy?

Mindfulness can be part of a cognitive-based therapy program. It combines cognitive behavioral therapy with mindfulness techniques for a holistic approach to substance addiction. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a psychotherapy that involves helping you to change negative thought patterns. Most people who have substance use disorder also have deep-rooted negative thought patterns. By identifying those thoughts, breaking them down, and eliminating them, you can achieve greater happiness. People who use mindfulness to prevent drug or alcohol relapse find that they have much less stress in their lives as well. The reason for this is that mindfulness involves techniques that involve relaxation, deep breathing, yoga, and being aware and present in the moment. Using mindfulness to prevent relapse is an important way to stay on the road to recovery

Using Mindfulness to Prevent Relapse

People using mindfulness to prevent relapse achieve several benefits. Also, they have a higher success rate for recovery. Some of the long-term benefits of mindfulness include:
  • Release stress from your body
  • Promotes a healthy mind
  • Provides an outlet when temptations or cravings arise
  • Teaches you to stay focused on the goal

How to Use Mindfulness Every Day

Using mindfulness to prevent relapse is something you can do every day. As you learn the mindfulness techniques in therapy, you will begin to do them naturally throughout your day. Consequently, by staying present in the moment and being aware of how you’re feeling, you’ll be able to practice breathing techniques if you become overwhelmed or stressed.

Welcome to Hope and Healing Through Mindfulness

At Acqua Recovery, you will discover our compassionate recovery team is ready to help you on your journey to healing. We have a variety of therapies specifically for substance abuse: Don't wait until the addiction controls your life. You can be successful in finding motivation during addiction recovery with our compassionate staff. Contact us at 866.830.4628, and we'll get you on the road to recovery by using mindfulness to prevent relapse.

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