Addiction therapy services in UtahTherapy plays a major role in the process of an addiction rehab program. Across the country, recovery programs combine therapeutic modalities with proven treatment for a complete care plan. At Acqua Recovery, our addiction therapy services in Utah will help you reinvent your life while developing positive thoughts and actions away from substance abuse.

Your recovery and safety is our top priority at Acqua. Therefore, we understand the importance therapy plays in treatment. This will help you have a better understanding of your disease while developing skills to overcome it.

Benefits of Addiction Therapy Services in Utah

For each individual, addiction will affect them in different ways. Though they may be abusing the same drug, their experience will always be different. With individual counseling and recovery coaching, you can come to learn about your experience and the causes that drive your addiction.

This can include your environment, family, friends, stressors, and triggers. For example, many people turn to substance abuse as a way to overcome trauma, stress, or other problems in their life.

However, we can get to the bottom of these issues, thoughts, and patterns through our addiction therapy services in Utah, such as:

Each and every therapeutic option can come into play depending on your specific and unique treatment plan. Moreover, you will likely undergo a variety of therapies to overcome the challenges of the recovery journey.

Recovery Coaching at Acqua

At our striking 20-bed chateau in Midway, Utah near Park City, you will receive recovery coaching during your stay. Specifically, you will work with a recovery coach who tracks your progress while you are with us and for months after you leave.

Specifically, after discharge from the program, your recovery coach will stick with you for another six months, checking in regularly and making sure you have the resources and support you need to continue your recovery. With this guidance, you can transition back to your daily life with confidence. In addition, you won’t have to fear relapse with your recovery coach available. This expert will guide you through the first six months of daily life, which are often the most difficult.

Learn More About Therapy at Acqua Recovery

Addiction treatment is advancing each and every day. Therefore, don’t let your addiction control your life any longer. It’s never too late to enter treatment, receiving the therapy you deserve for a better tomorrow.

Find balance in your life and the joy of sobriety. To learn more about our addiction therapy services in Utah, contact us now at 866.830.4628.