What is Genetics Testing for Addiction?

lab technician looking into microscope at sample from genetics testing program in UtahSince addiction is chronic, symptoms continue to get more and more severe until you receive addiction treatment in Utah. While anyone can develop a substance abuse disorder, your genetic structure can make you more likely than others to develop an addiction. So, what is the genetics testing program in Utah for addiction, and how can it help you avoid developing a substance abuse disorder?

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. Although addiction is a chronic condition, the cause is unknown, meaning that anyone, regardless of ages, genetics, or race, can eventually develop a substance abuse disorder. In the United States, nearly 20 million Americans meet the criteria for a substance abuse disorder annually, while another 23 million Americans are recovering from addiction.

Acqua Recovery provides addiction therapy services in Utah to work through the causes and resulting consequences of drug and alcohol overuse.

What Causes Addiction?

While the exact cause of addiction is unknown, asking what is genetics testing for addiction may help you identify a variety of factors that can increase your chances of developing a substance abuse disorder, such as:

  • Having a mental health disorder
  • Experiencing trauma during childhood or adulthood
  • Having a chronic pain condition
  • Having a close family member with an addiction history
  • Growing up with a parent struggling with addiction or alcoholism

All drugs and alcohol carry the risk of causing a physical or psychological addiction, as addiction causes changes to your pleasure and reward center and significant neurotransmitter imbalances. When you suffer from a mental health disorder, like depression, you can be more likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol as a mechanism to self-medicate.

Growing up with a parent who struggled with a substance abuse problem can also increase your risk of developing an addiction because it can increase stress and create emotional problems, such as abandonment issues. Evidence-based therapy programs in Utah address root emotional problems leading to drug and alcohol abuse.

Genetics also plays a role in addiction, as some people are more likely than others to experience more intense pleasure from drugs and alcohol. For example, some people, because of their genetics, have a higher natural tolerance to certain substances than others. This difference can make intoxication more pleasurable for those that have lower tolerances, as the effects can be overwhelmingly pleasurable.

What is Genetics Testing for Addiction?

The genetics testing program in Utah uses a DNA sample to review your genetic structure and see if you have a genetic predisposition to addiction. Genetics testing is safe and doesn’t require any invasive tests. When your doctor receives the results of your genetics test, they can share the results with you and explain what they mean.

If you find yourself asking what genetics testing for addiction is, your doctor may be able to identify that you have a higher predisposition to addiction, it is essential to share this with all of your medical providers. Since many prescription medications, like oxycodone, are addictive, having a predisposition to addiction means that it’s best to avoid narcotic medications.

Another way to better understand what genetics testing for addiction is and why it’s beneficial is to discuss the test with your doctor.

Connecting with a Treatment Center Today

Addiction is a deadly disease that can destroy your relationships, career, and finances. Contact Acqua Recovery to take steps to avoid developing an addiction. If you are wondering what genetics testing for addiction is, the short answer is that it is a safe and cost-effective way to understand if you are at a higher risk for addiction.

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