Moving is great for your body and mind. Through simple movements, you gain many emotional, mental and physical benefits, such as better sleep, concentration, energy and resilience in challenges. A movement therapy program in Utah uses movements to harness these benefits, helping you achieve greater happiness and stability in daily life.

What is a Movement Therapy Program in Utah?Movement therapy program and movement therapy Utah trusts

A movement therapy program in Utah involves using movement and dance for a healthier life. Specifically, it is a type of expressive therapy and usually takes place in a treatment center providing a range of holistic methods. Movement therapy focuses on the connection between movement and your emotions.

Overall, there is no single type of movement used in this therapy. You benefit from any type of motion, from ballroom dancing and other traditional dance to yoga and stretching. Therefore, whichever methods your therapy uses, you build a sense of calm in your body. All of this takes place under the guidance of a licensed therapist.

Your therapist’s goal in a movement therapy program in Utah is to help you achieve greater life balance. Furthermore, this balance comes from connection of your emotional, mental, physical and social sides of your being. The therapy helps with conditions like trauma, abuse, eating disorders and other behavioral disorders. It works very well in holistic addiction treatment Utah, as one of multiple addiction therapy services.

Is Movement Therapy like Regular Dancing?

A movement therapy program is not just exercise or regular dancing. Like any therapy, this program focuses on specific goals. In addition, your therapist guides you in using actions, fluid movement and other types of physical motion like a language. As with art therapy or music therapy, you find yourself tapping into deeply covered feelings in movement therapy.

Your therapist watches your movements and helps you understand your own motion, body language, nonverbal methods and emotions. This observation takes place in a variety of movement methods, such as mirroring another person’s movements or expressing your personal challenges through movement.

In movement therapy, you learn how to trust your own ability to live with empathy in a moment. Moreover, you start responding to the world more honestly. You learn from your movements and start using your body to communicate in ways words cannot.

How Therapy Helps

For people recovering from addiction and other mental health problems in general, feelings become trapped inside the body. Our movement therapy program lets these feelings rise to the surface. This, in turn, leads to greater healing and lasting change overall.

In movement therapy, you learn to feel safe expressing yourself among other people. You also experience your feelings in a new way. Finally, you build bridges between your thoughts, words, and actions for greater self-understanding.

Of course, movement therapy is only one method used in addiction treatment. You need a mix of therapies that challenge, educate and heal you in different ways. Acqua Recovery in Salt Lake City, Utah provides a quality mix of these therapies for your most complete addiction recovery.

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Learn more about our movement therapy program in Utah and all of the therapies offered at Acqua Recovery near Salt Lake City. Call Acqua Recovery now at 8668304628. In fact, through a mix of methods and approaches, you can achieve whole-person healing after addiction.