The 12 step recovery program is one of the most widely recognized elements of addiction recovery. It shows up in films, books, and on television. It’s also one of the most enduring elements of addiction recovery. Despite its established placed in culture, many people wonder what the benefits a 12 step program offers.

A 12 Step Recovery Program Offers a Starting Point12 step recovery program in Utah.

Addiction doesn’t lend itself to clear thinking. Add the explosion of available information on the Internet and you might struggle with where to start. Since most people already know about 12 step programs, it offers a natural starting point. You walk into the meeting knowing that the people there can provide you with information.

They can help direct you toward local resources, such as counselors and low-cost programs. They can also provide information about what to expect in different treatment programs and treatment centers. In a very real way, a 12 step program functions like an addiction recovery coaching program.


You can find rehab facilities all over the country, but they aren’t everywhere. Almost every single town and city in the country hosts at least one 12 step recovery program, if not several. That accessibility makes 12 step programs easier to find and join. Depending on your location, you can often find meetings at any hour, day or night.

Direct Support in Moments of Crisis

A standard part of 12 step programs is picking a mentor or sponsor. You mentor is your first call when you suffer moments of crisis. They offer direct, immediate support. While mentors can’t stop every relapse, they often provide the crucial nudge to stave them off.

A mentor also creates a level of accountability. They’ll ask whether you’ve been going to your meetings and appointments. Just knowing the question is coming can keep people on track.


Someone dealing with a substance use disorder often feels isolated from other people. They think that friends and family can understand what they’re going through. In a 12 step recovery program, though, everyone knows. Everyone goes through the same withdrawal, doubts, and moments of craving.

Participating in a community of people who do understand helps shatter that sense of isolation. You learn that you are not, in fact, alone in your pain.

No Judgment

Many who struggle with a substance use disorder fear judgment. They worry that their loved ones will think they’re weak or broken. By design, 12 step programs develop communities that don’t judge.

Since everyone has literally been there, no one feels like they have the moral high ground to judge you. It creates an environment where you can be honest without those fears.

Supports Formal Therapies

12 step programs can work on their own. In general, they work best when paired up with the formal therapies, such as:

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