When it comes to addiction treatment and recovery, many people do not want to focus their sobriety on a higher power. Moreover, many also question the 12-step process and whether that fits their needs. For these people, a SMART Recovery program offers an alternative to 12-step groups and methods. This four-point program treats people with alcohol, drug, gambling, and other types of addiction problems.

When you use the SMART Recovery program in your rehabilitation, these methods carry over after rehab through local aftercare support in your home community. For example, like the 12 steps, SMART Recovery sponsors face-to-face and online meetings.

About the SMART Recovery ProgramWhat is a SMART Recovery Program?

SMART Recovery gains its name from self-management and recovery training. In essence, it helps you find the strength within yourself to gain lasting recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. Furthermore, it teaches you how to stop self-defeat through negative thoughts, emotions, and actions. The program also helps you work toward long-term goals for a higher quality of life.

The SMART Recovery approach includes several key objectives. For you, these objectives include learning self-empowerment and self-reliance, gaining support to recover for a better life, learning coping skills, and attending group meetings for support and strength from peers. However, you also learn how to properly manage medications and therapies.

SMART Recovery treatment includes four key points. Specifically, these points include building and maintaining your motivation for recovery; coping with urges; managing your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; and living a healthier, more fulfilling and balanced life.

Is SMART Recovery Right For You?

One of the biggest beliefs of SMART Recovery is that each individual finds his or her best path to recovery. This means that your best path may include the 12 steps. However, maybe you need help from another type of program or support group.

Only you can decide what works best for you in treatment and recovery. If you use the SMART approach, you still can benefit from other approaches. Therefore, you can take what you need from various methods and fuse them into your own, individual approach to recovery.

A major difference between SMART Recovery and other programs is the evolution of this type of support on an ongoing basis. The 12 steps remain pretty much the same as during the program’s debut in the 1930s. However, SMART Recovery methods and approaches change as science learns more about addiction recovery.

Many people involved in SMART Recovery appreciate the fact that you actually graduate from the program at some point in time. The 12 steps do not end with a graduation, due to the belief that you stay in the program and the “disease” of addiction for your lifetime. For people wanting to complete a recovery track and move forward with a fresh start by taking charge in their lives, the SMART Recovery Program often works best.

Utah Rehab Treatment Using SMART Recovery

If you seek recovery without leaning only on the 12 steps, Acqua Recovery near Salt Lake City, Utah includes the SMART Recovery program. In addition, Acqua Recovery also provides other treatment methods and programs, including:

You can gain lasting recovery through your own empowerment and desire for change, thanks to addiction therapy services in Utah. Treatment at Acqua Recovery includes SMART Recovery Program methods and other therapies helping you build a better life. In fact, learn more about Acqua Recovery by calling 866.830.4628 today.