Xanax has some notoriety on U.S. streets and in recreational drug circles. In fact, many people abuse this helpful medication because it causes a soothing, pleasurable high. While people who need the drug use it under a doctor’s care for anxiety, others misuse it to feel calm. If you find yourself unable to quit using Xanax, you need help from a quality Xanax addiction rehab program.

Specifically, Xanax is a type of benzodiazepine, a highly addictive class of drugs. Doctors use the medication for treatment of anxiety disorders. Whether you start using Xanax under medical care or do so recreationally, addiction often quickly takes over your life. Moreover, this happens to many people each year, those taking the most-widely prescribed psychiatric medication in America.

Why People Need Xanaxa woman writing in her journal during xanax addiction rehab program

Many Americans need Xanax for very real panic and anxiety conditions. These mental illnesses cripple people in their own worries, fears, and nervousness. Xanax makes the brain produce GABA, a brain chemical that relaxes your body. In addition, for people with anxiety disorders, the brain does not produce enough of this chemical.

Using Xanax under doctor’s care helps you be more social, engage in your life fully, and enjoy activities others may take for granted. The medication slows your panic responses and helps you stay calm and relaxed.

However, using Xanax when you do not suffer panic or anxiety disorders leads you to experience the drug’s effects as a high. For example, you feel impaired, sleepy, and slow to react. You also feel relaxed, at ease, uncoordinated, lightheaded, and emotionally unbalanced. Although these effects feel soothing, they lead to a dangerous addiction with very serious consequences.

Xanax Addiction

Xanax addiction comes from the drug’s effects in your brain. The medication brings on those euphoric and tranquil effects that make your brain adjust to having the drug in your system. Once your brain works with the drug, it needs it to function normally. However, when you do not use Xanax, you suffer the ill effects of withdrawal.

Abusing Xanax causes many side effects. These include diarrhea, slurred speech, anxiety, depression, and agitation. It also causes seizures, mania, dry mouth, and tremors.

Some of the symptoms of withdrawal from the drug include shaking, twitching, intense anxiety, depression, fear, and high blood pressure. Additionally, you can also suffer seizures from your addiction to Xanax.

Through quality treatment in a Xanax addiction rehab program, you can let go of your addiction. In this type of program, you learn how to live without substance abuse. You rebuild your life one day at a time, setting new goals, finding pleasure in life again, and achieving what you truly want in your life.

Xanax Addiction Rehab Program in Utah

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