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The Acqua Recovery blog brings drug abuse and addiction recovery insights through a living breathing journal full of videos and articles from around the addiction recovery community. Explore the latest news, learn about available resources, gain new insights, and get to know our passionate and sometimes silly staff.


Mindful Monday Guilt vs. Shame

In this week’s episode of Mindful Monday, James candidly interviews Brandon, a therapist at acqua recovery. Watch as Brandon talks about the difference between guilt and shame and how anyone can change shift their perspective to see a new point of view. Brandon is a master’s level clinician and passionate about helping people struggling with substance abuse and mental wellness.

Jackson Hole Road Trip

Here’s a quick Facebook Live Video of Matthew Bernard and Matt Biekert preparing to hit the road to visit the addiction recovery community in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Southeast Idaho, including Rexburg, Idaho Falls, and Pocatello. acqua believes in connecting with the surrounding communities and supporting anyone struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and/or mental illness.

Rock Springs Vernal Road Trip PM

Matt Biekert gives a recap of his road trip with James to Rock Springs, Wyoming and talks about connecting with like-minded substance abuse professionals in the area. Then he reminds us all to take a moment to enjoy the world around us as they travel through Northeast Utah. acqua recovery believes in supporting neighboring communities that lack addiction recovery and mental health resources.

Mindful Monday Deep Listening

In this week’s opening episode of Mindful Monday, James Hadlock, our Marketing Director, shares his insight on deep listening (next level listening). Watch as he takes you through a few simple steps that change how you hear other people and connect with yourself, others, and the world around you. He talks about being present, putting yourself in the other person’s shoes, and withholding feedback, judgement, or advice. Listen as he shares how it has helped him in his own recovery for over 9 years.

Rock Springs Vernal Road Trip AM

Here’s a quick Facebook Live Video of James Hadlock and Matt Biekert preparing to hit the road to visit the addiction recovery community in Rock Springs, Wyoming and Eastern Utah, including Vernal and Roosevelt. acqua is committed to supporting the surrounding, under-served communities, providing substance abuse education, and giving hope to those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and/or mental illness.

Sun Valley Road Trip

Take a peek at this Sun Valley, Idaho road trip with Acqua Recovery’s very own Mattie Bernard and James Hadlock as they connect with surrounding communities supporting anyone struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and/or mental illness. As they enjoy the beauty, their commentary takes a quick turn as they discuss the political landscape and talk about navigating life without being victim to our circumstances.

Randy On Gratitude

It’s always amazing when staff decide to come with their authenticity and openness, and this interview with Clinical Director, Randy is a perfect example. Watch as he gets real about missing his family and being grateful for everything in his life.

Acqua’s Drug Rehab Documentary Short

We wanted to provide an inside look at what people experience when entering drug rehab, so we challenged a local business man to spend 24 hours and live a “day in the life” at Acqua Recovery, a residential treatment center for substance abuse. This was his story. If this was helpful, please share this video!

2016 Sober Softball League

Erica and JoeDe, two of our amazing techs at acqua recovery, show off trophies from the 2016 Sober Softball League. It was a great year for residents, alumni, and staff. We believe staying active and reconnecting with others is a great way to enjoy life and recovery. Thanks to everyone that participated this year.

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness.

– Desmond Tutu

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