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Acqua Recovery's Newest Admissions Team Member: Ashlee

By Acqua Recovery on November, 9 2020


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Acqua Recovery

Acqua Recovery is thrilled to announce the newest addition to our admissions team! Proud alumna, Ashlee Christensen, shares how she was able to rediscover her life through recovery. Following her time in treatment at Acqua Recovery, Ashlee pursued her passion for helping others struggling with substance abuse and became a part of the admissions team. Read her story:

"When I came to Acqua, it felt like coming home. I didn't realize it then, but I was coming home: to myself. It sure feels good to be home. I had been trying for years to find a new way to live with minimal to no success.

Something shifted when I came to Acqua as a client. I was finally willing to surrender and get out of my own way. The safe and sacred container Acqua provides was exactly what I needed for my healing to begin. It was here that I began shedding the limiting beliefs and constructs that kept me from inner peace.

The program, people and property were the trifecta I needed to step into the abundant life I live today. Acqua was the catalyst for me to trust in the unfolding before I could see the other shoreline. Being invited to explore a plethora of healing modalities while at Acqua set the course for me to find what works for me. Developing a lifestyle that nurtures my soul has given me the ability to navigate in an entirely new way. The hard times are more interesting now, because I'm aware of the growth that comes through them.

When I was in treatment, I remember thinking and voicing how cool it would be to work at Acqua. It seemed to me like it would be the dream job — and I was right! Treatment was only the beginning of my Acqua journey. I stayed connected to the alumni program after leaving treatment, and over time, I was able to accept a position as a Recovery Coach, offering the message that was so generously offered to me. I have gained and grown so much from our clients. 

As I continue to grow on a personal level, I have been given the incredible opportunity to grow within Acqua. I am now on the admissions team, helping people find resources for themselves or their loved one to heal. I have a deep love for people and massive respect for anyone willing to do their own work. It's the most liberating act of self love I have ever done for myself and I'm honored to be a resource to help others do the same. I believe we come here to remember who we are, and through this remembering we become whole."

Ashlee and the rest of our admissions team are ready 24/7 to talk to you about finding recovery at Acqua. Chat us right here on the website, or give us a call to begin your own journey with Acqua Recovery.

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