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Physical Signs of Alcoholism
Alcohol misuse is a frighteningly common occurrence in America. Around 27 percent of adults report binge drinking within the last month. With so much alcohol use, it’s often easy to miss the physical signs of alcoholism in yourself or others. Keep reading and we’ll walk you through some of the common physical signs of alcoholism.

Physical Signs of Alcoholism Increasing Tolerance

One of the major physical signs of alcoholism is an increasing tolerance. Tolerance happens when you use alcohol often enough that your body gets used to it. You must drink more and more over time to get the same feeling from it.

Craving Alcohol

Another common physical sign is a strong craving for alcohol. This isn’t a casual thought that you want a drink after work. Think of the craving as the kind of intense feeling that pushes out other thoughts. It can prove so intense that it makes you forget about other responsibilities like work obligations or family events.

Significant Weight Change

Alcohol abuse can affect your weight in two ways. Specifically, alcohol interferes with digestion, which can cause weight loss in some people. Alcohol also contains a lot of calories. That can create substantial weight gain in some people.

Can’t Moderate Drinking

Another one of the major physical signs of alcoholism is that you can’t control how much you drink. People without an alcohol use disorder can decide that they’ll only have two drinks and stop after two drinks. Alcoholics can decide they only want two drinks but find themselves unable to stop at two.

Other Signs

A host of other telltale signs can indicate someone suffers from alcoholism. Furthermore, alcoholics often see the sudden appearance of wrinkles or age spots. Some alcoholics get brittle hair or fingernails. In extreme cases, a person’s eyes turn slightly yellow from liver damage. Alcoholics can also lose interest in personal hygiene. They often shower, shave and brush their teeth irregularly.

Treatment for Physical Signs of Alcoholism

The most effective treatment for alcoholism is detox followed by an inpatient rehab program. Detox helps make sure you get through withdrawal without suffering dangerous symptoms. Inpatient rehab gives you access to a number of helpful therapies, such as:

Acqua Recovery Center and Physical Signs of Alcoholism

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