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Common Signs of Unresolved Trauma
Trauma is something everyone goes through, whether it’s minor injuries or the death of a loved one. In some cases, though, a serious physical or psychological trauma can linger in a person’s psyche. These unresolved traumas can cause a number of problems if they go untreated. Spotting the signs of unresolved trauma give you the best chance of seeking help for yourself or a loved one.

Anxiety and Depression

Two extremely common signs of unresolved trauma are depression and anxiety. Instead of resolving the trauma at an emotional and mental level, you get locked into the fight or flight response. Your body is always at high-alert, which makes you constantly anxious. Relaxing becomes a struggle in itself and that can cause more anxiety. In the case of a serious emotional blow like a death or the unexpected end of a serious relationship, you can sink into depression. You become listless, distant from the world, and your thoughts constantly circle back to the loss.

Obsessive or Compulsive Behavior

In traumas where a physical assault happens, it can drive someone into obsessive or compulsive behaviors. For example, you might check the locks on your doors repeatedly every night. You might also become obsessive about personal security and paranoid about people you don’t know well.


Another one of the common signs of unresolved trauma is an addiction. The drug of choice can vary dramatically based on the unresolved trauma. For example, someone with constant anxiety might abuse alcohol or opioids. Someone stuck in a depression spiral might use stimulants such as cocaine, amphetamines, and even ecstasy.

Treatment Options for Signs of Unresolved Trauma

In most cases, a psychologist or psychiatrist versed in trauma therapy can help you deal with unresolved trauma. Depending on your symptoms, they might opt for straight talk therapy. They might also use a combination of medications and talk therapy if your symptoms impede your daily life. If addiction is one of your signs of unresolved trauma, that complicates matters. You need two separate courses of treatment. One will help you with the trauma, while the other focuses on rehab. You’ll want a treatment center that offers dual diagnosis, so you get the right cross-section of care you need.

Acqua Recovery

Acqua Recovery offers addiction therapy services, including dual diagnosis. We take a holistic treatment approach that balances body, mind, and spirit. Acqua is located near Midway, UT. Unresolved traumas can lead you into an addiction that will ruin your life. If this sounds like your story, you can overcome both your trauma and your addiction with the right kind of help. Call Acqua Recovery at *DM_DirectNumber format=period* and we’ll help you get onto the road to recovery.