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Common Types of Addiction Therapy
Addiction treatment and therapy go hand in hand. In fact, people associate therapy with addiction for good reason. Those who need help participate in many common types of addiction therapy services. While these services are common, most rehab centers offer personalized treatment plans.

Types of Addiction Therapy

The types of counseling that people engage in depend on their individual needs. In most cases, they can expect to see several services when they attend rehab.

Individual Therapy

Individual counseling is one of the most common types of addiction therapy This form of therapy takes place in one-on-one private sessions. Because of that, it gives people a chance to share thoughts and feelings that they don't usually share.

Group Counseling

As the name suggests, this counseling service takes place in a group setting. Other than that, it doesn't differ too much from individual therapy. However, group therapy emphasizes the importance of talking to others and forming bonds. For many people with addiction, learning that they aren't alone is a comforting feeling.

Outdoor Therapy

Outdoor therapy gives people a chance to get outside of the rehab center and into the great outdoors. Spending time outside is a good mood booster and gives them a chance to enjoy physical activities. These different types of addiction therapy increase the production of dopamine in the brain, which also boosts mood.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Also called DBT, this form of counseling helps people deal with painful emotions. It teaches them the skills that they need to cope with how they feel. Because of this important role, it gives them the tools necessary to avoid relapse.

Nutrition Therapy

There's no denying that eating healthy drastically changes people's overall moods and health. For that reason, many rehab centers use nutrition therapy to show people how to live more positive lifestyles. Feeding the body what it needs provides it with the nutrition necessary for it to stay healthy.

Learn More About the Different Types of Addiction Therapy

At Acqua Recovery Center, we take great pride in offering a wide variety of therapies. Of course, we offer more than just therapy. Our goal is to give you the best chance of overcoming addiction. Some of the programs that we offer include: Learn more about the different types of addiction therapy that you may take part in during rehab. Gain a better understanding of how therapy can help you deal with the root cause of your addiction. Reach out to us today at *DM_DirectNumber format=period* for more information.