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What Happens in Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Ashlee’s Story

By Ashlee on April, 17 2020


At Acqua Recovery, we care for and connect with people struggling with addiction. In fact, many of our staff members have been through that struggle themselves. Here, Acqua Recovery Psych Tech and Recovery Coach Ashlee shares her own journey to recovery, and how she found it on our Midway, Utah, campus.

I am so grateful today to be living a life of abundance in recovery. The last couple of years have been incredibly transformative for me and it all started here at Acqua Recovery. Acqua was the first place that felt like home to me in a very long time. It was here that I began the process of shedding limiting beliefs, conditions & constructs that kept me from living a life of purpose. The program, the property & the people were the trifecta I needed to begin to step into my becoming. Acqua truly is a space of healing. My life has been blessed in ways I could have never imagined & Acqua was the catalyst.

Since leaving treatment I have been gifted with new eyes to see the world in a way that allows me to be curious and courageous. I chose to change my career path and am elated to say that I now work at Acqua sharing the message that was so generously shared with me. Being able to give back and build community within recovery is magical and meaningful. I work here but it doesn't feel like a job because I value and love what I do.

I'm happy to report that people can change, relationships can heal & trust can be rebuilt. Peace is no longer what I seek outside of myself because I carry it with me wherever I may roam. Life is still hard sometimes but I get to be present for all of it. I'm no longer waiting for my life to happen, I'm living it happy, joyous and free.

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