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What Happens in Rehab: A Veteran’s Guide


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When it comes to treating addiction, knowledge is power. You wouldn’t head off on a combat mission without reconnaissance, so why do the same when it comes to your treatment? Having an understanding of what happens in rehab can help you make the right decisions for yourself and your family with confidence. 

What Happens in Rehab: Intake 

The first stage of treatment for drug or alcohol abuse is to get an accurate picture of what your consumption has been like in recent weeks. Upon arrival at our facility, a caring member of the admissions team will speak to you confidentially about your addiction to your drug of choice, so we are better prepared to help you stay off of it for good. You will share information about what drugs you’ve been taking, in what quantities, and what effects you’ve experienced in your life due to addiction. You might also share a little bit about what you hope life looks like once you’re renewed and in recovery. From there, our team of Masters-level clinicians and addiction treatment staff will work together to put together a customized addiction treatment plan for you.

What Happens in Rehab: Addiction Treatment

At Acqua Recovery, we take a trauma-informed, dual-diagnosis approach to addiction treatment, which means that our clinicians work to uncover the past traumas and/or mental and behavioral health issues that may be causing your substance misuse. Many people develop addictions as a result of trying to self-medicate the pain of trauma or the symptoms of mental health disorders. For veterans, this commonly means PTSD. We work closely with each client one-on-one to get an accurate diagnosis from the start. In addition, the entire team works together throughout your treatment to adapt and evolve treatment based on how you are progressing. Having the 24/7 support of a team of experienced professionals can make the difference in your recovery.

What Happens in Rehab: Addiction Education

At the same time as you receive personalized care, you’ll also learn a lot more general information about addiction and how to live in recovery. That means educational sessions on the disease model of addiction, relapse prevention tips, stress management classes, life skills training, and more. Group therapy also can be helpful in learning that you are not alone. Addiction is not your own dark secret. It’s an increasingly common disease that can be managed and properly treated.

What Happens in Rehab: Experiential Activities

A major part of the education you receive in early recovery is learning how to enjoy life again. In recovery, you will learn to build a life so good, you don’t need drugs and alcohol to cope. At Acqua Recovery that means taking advantage of all that our gorgeous campus has to offer. In between your treatment sessions, you might play a game of cornhole by our peaceful lake, try flyfishing by our waterfall, or simply sit and drink your coffee as you take in the mountains of the Wasatch range. All of these activities are just as important to your recovery as therapy or educational sessions, and a typical day includes plenty of time to enjoy them.

What Happens in Rehab: Meals

Meanwhile, you’ll also enjoy nutritious, recovery-focused meals prepared by our on-site chef using vegetables from our own organic garden. Three meals a day and snacks in our sunny kitchen are included in your stay. It might be the best food you’ve had in a while! (And it’s certainly better than the military!)

What Happens in Rehab: Fellowship

Whether at meals, during leisure time, or in treatment, you will come to know and love the other people who are pursuing recovery alongside of you. You probably already know how the relationships you build during challenges can last a lifetime. That’s why we offer a strong alumni program, so you can stay in touch with your band of recovery brothers and sisters even after you go back to normal life.

Getting Started with Addiction Treatment

Getting started with addiction treatment is easy if you’re a veteran. We’re proud to be in network with TRICARE, TRIWEST, and TriCare East, so organizing your treatment and verifying your insurance can be as simple as a phone call. Many of our team members are in recovery themselves, so give us a call and they can answer any additional questions about what addiction treatment is like and what to expect. Above all, know that recovery from addiction is possible for anyone – and we have the experience, expertise, and results to prove it.

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How to Help a Veteran Find Freedom from Addiction

How to Help a Veteran Find Freedom from Addiction

The friends and family of America’s vets understand all too well what it feels like to be consumed with worry and fear for your loved one. When addiction is the foe your vet is facing, it’s even more painful. Addiction is a cunning, baffling, and powerful adversary. Luckily, no one has to face addiction alone – and that includes military families and the loved ones of vets.

Helping a veteran find freedom from addiction is possible for anyone, and it may be even easier than you think.