Whether you struggle with a mental health disorder, excessive stress or a substance abuse problem, evidence based therapy can help you find ways to better cope with negative thoughts and emotions. Mental health disorders and addiction are chronic, incurable conditions. Mental health conditions can cause disabling symptoms that prevent you from performing personal, employment or educational obligations. Finding an evidence based therapy program Utah residents trust can help you start healing and making positive progress.

Addiction and substance abuse can cause physical and behavioral addictions. Since addiction causes changes to your brain and impacts your pleasure and reward center, evidence based therapy is a necessary component to successful treatment. When combined with the holistic addiction treatment Utah residents trust, addiction treatment can heal your mind, body, and spirit.

group participates in evidence based therapy for addictionEvidence based therapy strives to provide you with the tools and coping strategies you need to improve your conflict resolution and communication skills, as well as to manage symptoms. Learning how to identify, understand and cope with problematic symptoms can greatly improve your treatment outcomes.

Evidence based therapy techniques are proven to work after extensive research and studies. As a result, they are deployed during mental health and substance abuse treatment. Overall, evidence based therapy helps each person learn new coping strategies and gain a better understanding of your thought process and emotions.

What is Evidence Based Therapy? 

Evidence based therapy are treatment techniques that, after intensive research and studies, have been proven to help patients cope with or recover from mental health and substance abuse problems. An evidence based therapy program seeks to implement therapeutic approaches that help improve your mental health.

Additionally, recognizing the cause of your emotional responses provides you with an understanding of how to adapt to and manage your symptoms. Evidence based therapy is based on communicating with and sharing your thoughts and feelings with a mental health professional. Psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and counselors provide individual counseling and group therapy sessions.

What Treatments Are Available?

Examples of evidence based therapy can include:

Evidence based treatment can also include things like medication management and anger therapy. Group and individual therapy provide different benefits. Group therapy allows you to identify with others who share your struggles. This provides a mechanism for group accountability, which helps you remain honest about your recovery.

Likewise, individual counseling focuses on your personal thoughts and feelings, how to cope with negative emotions and how to identify your personal triggers. Triggers are people, places or things that cause your symptoms to appear or worsen. Learning how to identify them is the first step in understanding how to cope with them.

In essence, family and marital counseling help you and your loved ones improve your communication skills and remain on the same page during treatment. Evidence based treatments, as part of comprehensive addiction therapy services, offer uses different approaches that seek to unify your mind, body, and spirit. While holistic treatments have the ability to improve your overall health, there is less evidence available about their effectiveness.

The Benefits of the Evidence Based Therapy Program Utah Trusts

Evidence based therapy can help you address your mental health or substance abuse disorder symptoms and gain better insight about your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Improving self-awareness provides a powerful tool during recovery.

Additionally, learning how to cope with triggers helps you find ways to manage your symptoms in a healthy manner. Sharing your feelings with a therapist can help you address repressed issues or find a supportive outlet for negative experiences.

Finding Help Today

In summary, when you or a loved one is battling a mental health or substance abuse disorder, you can sometimes feel overwhelmed or frustrated. Evidence based therapy and holistic treatments can help you find the strength to overcome mental health and substance abuse problems. Acqua Recovery is here to help you find recovery, understanding, and compassion. Call us today at 866.830.4628 to learn how our programs can help you.