man laying on couch talking to attentive therapist during existential therapy program in UtahFatal drug overdoses have reached record levels in the United States and are now the number one cause of death among Americans under the age of 50. Your risk of overdosing increases every time you use, making early treatment essential to recovery. Acqua Recovery’s Utah residential addiction treatment program utilizes evidence-based treatments, like the existential therapy program in Utah, to help you learn how to manage your recovery.

Substance abuse disorders, alcoholism, and addiction can destroy your personal life, finances, and career. Addiction causes significant interpersonal instability, which can damage your relationships and make it difficult to live a stable life. When you struggle with a substance abuse disorder, your brain chemistry is altered, making it difficult to recover from addiction without help from a men’s and women’s drug and alcohol rehab program in Utah. Delaying treatment can not only lead to severe symptoms but also early death. But what is existential therapy, and how can it benefit you during treatment?

The Cycle of Addiction

Addiction is a progressive disease and starts with your first use or drink. Drugs and alcohol are neurotransmitter inhibitors that cause your brain to release a powerful rush of pleasurable neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. This rush of neurotransmitters is responsible for the positive effects of intoxication, which results in your brain associating the substance with pleasure.

The next stage of addiction is the recreational and regular use of your substance of choice. Then, as the addiction progresses, you begin to abuse the substance regularly. During this stage, you can start to engage in more dangerous behaviors, such as driving while intoxicated or showing up to work or school under the influence of your substance of choice.

Finally, you can develop a psychological and physical dependence on your substance of choice, compulsively abusing it despite wanting to stop or dealing with negative consequences because of your substance use. When you develop an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you can:

  • Attempt to conceal your addiction from friends and loved ones
  • Spend an excessive amount of time and money using and acquiring drugs and alcohol
  • Experience a fatal or non-fatal overdose
  • Suffer liver, heart, and brain damage
  • Deal with withdrawal symptoms if you stop using

Finding addiction treatment programs in Utah as soon as possible is the best way to improve your recovery outcomes. Rehabs offer treatments like existential therapy that can empower you to manage your symptoms better.

What is Existential Therapy?

So, what is existential therapy, and what does an existential therapy program in Utah offer? Part of addiction therapy services in Utah, existential therapy utilizes a combination of psychotherapy and philosophical concepts to teach you that you have the power to use your free choice to change aspects of your life, such as your addiction. A vital part of an existential therapy program in Utah is improving your outlook on life and strengthening your decision-making skills.

Understanding that you can exercise your free-will during recovery helps demonstrate that you have the power to overcome your substance abuse problem. Another benefit of existential therapy is that it can improve your self-understanding and cognition.

Finding the Best Existential Therapy Program Today

Don’t let a substance abuse disorder or addiction trap you in a corner. It is never too early, or too late, to reach out for help. Contact Acqua Recovery for the skills, tools, and support you need to achieve recovery. If you are ready to take the first step in your recovery journey, call us today at 866.830.4628 to find out more about our substance abuse and existential therapy program.