The first step in addiction recovery is a desire to change. There is a difference between knowing that you need to end your addiction and actually doing something about it. Through motivational interviewing, you can work through your ambivalence toward rehab and take real steps toward long-term recovery.

Acqua Recovery offers motivational interviewing as a part of our psychotherapy program in Midway Utah. Motivational interviewing provides a proven method for helping you undertake and maintain a life free from alcohol or drug addiction. By collaborating with your therapy, you can do what it takes to get through detox, rehab, and aftercare.

Motivation is Where Your Recovery Starts

Motivational interviewing is a team effort between you and your therapist. Through a series of questions and answers,

Motivation is Where Your Recovery Starts

your therapist helps you discover all the reasons why change is a good thing in your life. You also explore the barriers to change and how to overcome them.

This method is designed to strengthen your motivation so that you can move on to long-term commitment. It is about replacing your fears and apprehension with determination and a resolve to end your addiction today. This is a decision that you have to make yourself. No one – not even your therapist – can make it for you. Once you decide to move forward with the recovery, then nothing can get in your way.

What Does Motivational Interviewing Involve?

The purpose of motivational interviewing substance abuse is to help you work through your ambivalence about getting help for your addiction. It is an introductory form of therapy that only lasts two to three session. Your Acqua Therapy therapist will help you engage in four different processes, including:

  1. Engaging – During this phase, your therapist will get to know you. They ask a series of questions to understand the circumstances of your addiction and your life. You have the opportunity to talk about everything surrounding your addiction. You can also talk about your ambivalence and why you hesitate to seek treatment for substance abuse
  2. Focusing – Your therapist asks you to focus on something that may be important to you. It can be something that you value, a current problem in your life, or why you must change. You may establish a personal goal that you want to achieve and how your addiction is keeping you from reaching your goal
  3. Evoking – During this phase, your therapist will go deeper into your reasons for change. They may ask you a lot of “Why” questions. Once you have a clear vision of why you need to change, you may be more motivated to change. During this stage of your session, your therapist provides a lot of support and encouragement
  4. Planning – Even after you muster the desire to address your addiction, you may not know what steps to take. During the planning stage of motivational interviewing, your therapist discusses your treatment options at Acqua Recovery and helps you develop a treatment plan that works for you. When you can see your path to recovery, then you are more likely to feel good about it

Start Your Addiction Treatment Today at Acqua Recovery

If you need a nudge to help you get clean, then contact Acqua Recovery. We offer motivational interviewing as an introductory part of your treatment. Whether you need detox, rehab, or aftercare, we provide a complete treatment program. To find out more about your treatment options, call us at 866.830.4628. We are here to help you get on the road to recovery.