You are likely familiar that therapy is an important aspect of treatment for many mental health disorders or addictions. In terms of mental health treatment providers, there are numerous specialties, which can sometimes make it hard to understand what each unique member of a treatment team does. Learn about the benefits of a Utah psychotherapy program and how it can help you.

A psychiatrist is able to diagnose mental health disorders and prescribe medications to help treat and manage your symptoms. However, many psychiatrists do not provide counseling or therapy services. It is common to regularly see a counselor or therapist and only see your psychiatrist once every other month. Therapists and counselors provide help by guiding you to solve problems while expressing your thoughts and feelings.

Therapy also helps you better understand your mental health symptoms, your triggers, and your decision-making process. Many times, therapy may also help to improve your communication skills and find ways to cope with troublesome symptoms. Along with the cognitive based therapy Utah residents depend on, a psychotherapy program could be the key to unlocking positive mental health

patients participate in utah psychotherapy programPsychologists hold doctorate level degrees and can help diagnose mental health disorders and provide psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and assessment services. Psychotherapy is an evidence-based treatment that seeks to help you talk through your feelings, emotions, and problems.

In sum, therapists, counselors, psychiatrist, and psychotherapies all possess the requisite qualifications and training to provide psychotherapy services.

What is Psychotherapy? 

Psychotherapy includes a variety of evidence-based treatments. The goal of psychotherapy is to help you identify your emotions and thoughts and work through problems and symptoms. Psychotherapy is based on talking with a mental health professional. It is particularly effective because it works to help you change the way you perceive and handle conflict and stressors.

Some examples of psychotherapy treatments include:

Psychotherapy can help you deal with internal or external thoughts, feelings, and conflicts. Interpersonal therapy focuses on how you react to situations, both emotionally and cognitively. The goal is to help you learn to cope with your thoughts and feelings, accept them and cope with them properly. Treatment focuses on improving your ability to communicate and deal with things that are outside of your control.

The Benefits of Psychotherapy 

Psychotherapy is a non-invasive treatment that doesn’t involve medications. It can greatly benefit you if you have difficulty taking medications or are unable to take them due to side effects. Since mental health disorders are incurable and last your entire life, learning to manage symptoms is important to ensure you can enjoy life. While you may not control your environment or other people’s actions, psychotherapy can help you cope with distress and learn to accept the things you can and can’t control.

A psychotherapy program can help you change your behaviors, reaction to a negative situation, improve your communication skills and help you better understand yourself. Therapists and counselors offer support and a judgment-free environment to express potentially uncomfortable thoughts or feelings.

Having a venue to confidentially share your emotions can help you better recover and manage your mental health. Additionally, psychotherapy programs often assist Dual Diagnosis Treatment, which helps those suffering from a mental health disorder and a substance addiction. For these purposes, psychotherapy is used alongside other addiction therapies to treat the trauma and emotions at the root of an addiction.

Finding a Psychotherapy Provider

Psychotherapy can help you find ways and methods to cope with overwhelming mental health symptoms and learn healthy coping strategies. By providing psychotherapy Utah can trust, Acqua Recovery offers support, guidance, and understanding when combating a mental health disorder. Acqua Recovery provides an experienced, compassionate and dedicated staff that is here to help you navigate recovery and find ways to manage mental health issues. Call us today at 866.830.4628 to learn more about how our nationally recognized programs and treatments focused on patient outcomes can help you or a loved one find recovery.