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What Causes Alcoholism? Addiction & Trauma-Informed Treatment

By Acqua Recovery on September, 14 2020


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Alcoholism is a disease, and that’s a fact. Those of us suffering from substance use disorder are fortunate that there has been a vast amount of research done in the hopes of uncovering the root causes — and an appropriate solution. What causes alcoholism? The answer lies in the latest understanding of addiction; the solution, in trauma-informed treatment.

What Causes Alcoholism?

As you’ll learn in residential treatment, alcoholism does not discriminate. Alcoholics come from an array of backgrounds with different life experiences — from childhood on. However, biological, psychological, and social risk factors can increase the possible occurrence of addiction exponentially. 

Prominent risk factors that may play a part in substance abuse are a history of trauma, genetic components, a mental or behavioral health disorder, stress, and social environment. A history of trauma can be one of the biggest factors that contribute to alcoholism, as well, as the individual consciously or subconsciously uses alcohol or other substances to self-medicate and cope with trauma. 

As alcoholics, it’s important that we don’t blame ourselves, as shame and guilt will only exacerbate our addiction. We need to be kind and forgiving to ourselves in recovery

What is Trauma-Informed Addiction Treatment?

Trauma-informed care is an approach to addiction and mental health treatment that begins from an entirely different perspective than you may be used to. Instead of healthcare professionals asking, “What is wrong with this person?” they begin by attempting to explore “What happened to this person?” 

Very often, addiction is only the external manifestation of internal trauma that has been suppressed for years. Treating the symptoms of addiction without exploring the underlying cause does not deliver long-term recovery.

Trauma-informed clinicians might help you explore the answers to questions like these: What happened that caused you to continue to drink? Why are you seeking a way to distract from your life? What thoughts might you be avoiding?

The importance of seeking a treatment center is to guide those struggling with addiction and mental health disorders to a better way of living. Finding a residential treatment center that offers trauma-informed therapists and trauma therapy may be one of the most effective ways to process your underlying issues and live a better life in recovery. 

For anyone who is living with the results of trauma, reopening those old wounds can sound terrifying. True trauma-informed care is careful, thoughtful, and respectful of how much your psyche can handle. 

Trauma-informed care relies upon these 5 principles:

  • Safety. Ensuring the individual feels physically and emotionally safe.
  • Choice. The individual understands their rights and responsibilities in treatment.
  • Collaboration. The individual has a significant role in planning and evaluating a treatment plan.
  • Trustworthiness. Respectful and professional boundaries are maintained.
  • Validation. The individual is in an environment that provides validation and affirmation.

At Acqua Recovery, we provide every patient with a therapist and recovery coach that utilizes a trauma-informed approach to recovery. You will be in an environment where the people around you understand what you are going through, because they’ve been there too. Using the principles of trauma-informed care, they will work with you to not only aid in overcoming your trauma but find the right path for you to enter a life in recovery. Our clinicians are all Masters-level, and they have the education and experience to guide you through the difficult — but rewarding — task of healing from trauma and finding freedom from addiction.

In trauma therapy, you will begin to understand that this disease is not your fault. Understanding this gives you the power to stop using alcohol as a way out, and to start using different tools to cope with your trauma. Working with our trauma-informed clinicians, you can live a better life free from your substance and reconnect with the person that you were before trauma impacted your psyche. 

There’s nowhere better to approach this work than in the peaceful and welcoming campus of Acqua Recovery. Surrounded by mountains, bubbling creeks, and a hot spring lake, you’ll be able to rest and rediscover a connection with the world around you, venturing out of the cave of your trauma.

Acqua Recovery is truly where science meets sanctuary.

Make the step today towards a better life and contact us.

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