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Alcoholism & Veterans: The Troubling Statistics & How To Get Help
By Acqua Recovery on April 13, 2022

Many people who abuse alcohol shroud their habits and secrecy in denial, but the numbers don’t lie: More than 6% of American adults misuse alcohol, and nearly 100,000 people die from...

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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery For Veterans: 5 Tips To Get Started
By Acqua Recovery on April 7, 2022

No matter how much you dreamed of it during your tour of duty, you can’t ever really go home again after active military service. Especially for combat vets, the experiences you have on the...

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How to Tell Your Boss You Need Rehab: An Easy Script for a Difficult Conversation
By Acqua Recovery on April 4, 2022

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Addiction Treatment for Professionals addiction treatment Utah

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment for Working Professionals
By Acqua Recovery on March 28, 2022

Drug and alcohol addiction don’t just pose a threat to millions of Americans; they are crippling the American economy as well. According to the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health...

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High-Functioning Alcoholism: Why It’s More Harmful Than You Think
By Acqua Recovery on March 20, 2022

Alcohol is everywhere. From church to sports games and family dinners, it’s become an integral part of American culture. It can be easy to forget that it’s deadly. According to the National...

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Resources for Workers: FMLA & Addiction Treatment
By Acqua Recovery on March 13, 2022

Addiction is a disease that does not discriminate, affecting individuals equally no matter whether they are on the streets or in the C-suite. Across the board, roughly 10% of all Americans...

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How to Pay for Rehab with Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance
By Acqua Recovery on March 7, 2022

Making the decision to pursue addiction treatment can be one of the most challenging decisions you’ll ever make. Once you’re clear that you do need help, however, the question of how to pay...

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Tricare: Veteran Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment
By Acqua Recovery on February 25, 2022

It’s a cruel reality that those who fight for our freedom often find themselves trapped in the grips of addiction at rates even higher than civilians. At Acqua Recovery, we are committed to...

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Do Prescription Pills Show Up on a Drug Test? 
By Acqua Recovery on February 20, 2022

Prescription pills became an integral part of American life in the twentieth century. By 2017, at the height of the opioid epidemic, doctors wrote nearly 200 million prescriptions for...

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acqua recovery veterans guide to addiction treatment

A Veterans Guide to Addiction Treatment

This is the land of the free because of the brave. However, bravery comes with a price. Too often, the very ones who fight for our country are left with deep physical and emotional scars that seem impossible to heal. Among those is the disease of addiction.

If you are a veteran struggling with addiction or have a loved one who is, you are not alone. Even if it doesn’t seem like there is a way out, recovery from substance use disorder is possible for anyone and we are committed to giving our veterans the support and tools they need to find it.