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Is My Friend an Addict? How to Help Them Find Addiction Treatment

By Acqua Recovery on August, 13 2021


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Have you noticed your friend often goes “overboard” on drugs or alcohol at a party? How do you know when their drug or alcohol use should be considered a “problem”? Check out these signs that could signify that your friend is an addict and how you can help save their life.

Signs Your Friend is an Addict or Alcoholic

There’s many signs that are often overlooked by friends or loved ones of addicts, but their continued drug or alcohol use can lead to serious complications or worse: overdosing.  If you see any of these signs in your best friend, you should consider having a conversation about their use, sooner than later:

  • Drinking or using by themselves
  • Blacking out
  • Loading up on drinks before social gatherings
  • Seem drunk or high during the day
  • Not living up to their responsibilities
  • And more..

These are just a few signs that your friend may have a substance abuse problem, but their life can easily spin out of control due to drugs and alcohol overtaking their life. 

Approaching a Friend About Addiction

If you notice your friend showing any of these signs, it’s time to have a conversation with them about their problem. 

Telling your friend that they have a problem will only make them defensive. Approach them by simply asking them how they’re doing. Drug or alcohol addiction is fueled by mental health issues and trauma, so they’re definitely not doing well. 

By opening that conversation, they will be more receptive to suggestions and accept the reality of the situation. Talk to them about what your life could be without drinking or using drugs. Most importantly, let them know that they have your support. For more information on how to approach someone about drug or alcohol addiction, give us a call or check out our blog post, HERE.

Help Your Friend Seek Residential Addiction Treatment

Once your friend has agreed that they need help for their drug or alcohol addiction, how do you help them find the right residential addiction treatment program? The most important factor to keep in mind when seeking an addiction treatment facility is finding one that uses a trauma-informed and dual-diagnosis approach. Dual-diagnosis means that we treat the addiction and the underlying mental health issues that are fueling the substance abuse. At Acqua Recovery, our program is customized to every individual, so we’ll help your friend build the foundation they need for a lasting recovery. 

Don’t ignore the signs of addiction your friend is showing. Help them rediscover themselves and renew their life by getting the residential addiction treatment they deserve. To learn more about what to do when your friend is an addict or alcoholic, give our caring admissions team a call today.

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