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Is My Husband a Functioning Alcoholic?
By Acqua Recovery on July 2, 2021

Having a partner struggle with substance abuse doesn’t just impact their life, but yours as well. Maybe your husband’s managing to hold down a job, but seems to be constantly drinking or...

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alcohol addiction mens drug and alcohol rehab program midway utah Mental Health Depression and Anxiety is alcoholism a disease

Is Alcoholism a Disease?
By Acqua Recovery on July 9, 2019

Is alcoholism a disease? Alcoholism is a type of alcohol use disorder. You become unable to control your use of alcohol to the point where you are preoccupied with it. Further, you...

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Does My Loved One Have an Addiction

Does My Loved One Have an Addiction?

How do you know if your loved one is struggling with substance abuse? Answering these questions can help.

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