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Addiction in Workers: What an Employer Needs to Know
By Acqua Recovery on June 4, 2021

As an employer, you understand that if an employee’s productivity decreases, you're losing money. Employee work performance is an important part of keeping any business running, but...

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addiction treatment programs for union workers substance abuse treatment programs best rehab in utah Addicted Workers Addiction in the Workplace

Can a Labor Union Help Me With Substance Abuse?
By Acqua Recovery on May 7, 2021

While it’s become normalized within society and the workplace to keep your “home issues” at home, it’s not that simple — especially when you're struggling with addiction. Unfortunately,...

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Park City Utah Drug Rehab Centers
By Acqua Recovery on March 7, 2019

It’s difficult to acknowledge that you have a chemical dependency. However, it’s just as hard to admit that you need help. For many, the next step is to contact Park City Utah drug rehab...

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The Complete Guide to Paying for Addiction Treatment-1

The Complete Guide to Paying for Addiction Treatment

Deciding to get help for addiction is a process that can take years. If you’re at the point of readiness, don’t let yourself be derailed at the last minute by financial issues. Maybe you found an addiction treatment center you like, but you’re out-of-network. Or, maybe you don’t have insurance at all, and the price of treatment is too staggering. No matter your financial situation, it is possible to receive the substance abuse treatment you deserve. Don’t give up. Find out how you can afford residential addiction treatment with this ultimate guide to paying for treatment.

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