The Drop

Comprehensive informational resources for those suffering from addiction and mental health issues, and their loved ones.


PTSD Treatment & Understanding Trauma With Dual Diagnosis
Alcohol Rehab for Veterans
Rehab for Veterans: 5 Tips to Find Help
A Day at Veterans Drug Rehab in Utah


Bipolar Disorder & Recognizing Trauma Through Dual Diagnosis
Executive Rehab for Working Professionals
Rehab For Nurses & How to Help Them
How to Help a Nurse Go in for Treatment for Alcoholism


Is My Husband a Functioning Alcoholic?
How to Help an Alcoholic Spouse
Surrender to Win: How to Tell Your Family You Need Help For Addiction
PTSD & Addiction: How to Help Your Spouse Find Residential Addiction Treatment


10 Tips For Staying Clean & Sober This Season
How to Get Clean & Sober – AA, NA & Alternatives
Addiction Recovery Tips: How to Cultivate Resilience through Mindset
Sober New Years Eve Ideas


Depression Treatment, Utah
Benefits of Group and Individual Therapy for Addiction Treatment
What are the Characteristics of Rehab Centers?
Best Rehab Centers in Salt Lake City Utah


How Is Cocaine Testing Performed?
Marijuana Addiction Recovery
Comprehensive Fentanyl Addiction Treatment and Rehab in Utah
Recovering from Methamphetamine Addiction at Rehab and Treatment in Utah
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