Relapse Prevention

women on a recovery during the holidays

Supporting Your Loved One in Recovery During the Holidays

The holidays are a fun and exciting time to visit with friends and family and partake in traditions and festivities. However, this can also be a very difficult time for those in drug or alcohol addiction recovery due to emotional and physical triggers as well as the usual holiday stress. As a friend or family member to someone working on their recovery, you may be wondering what you can do to help them stay sober during the holidays.

residential rehab in Utah in the winter

Relapse Prevention Plan Example: Avoiding Relapse During the Holidays

The holidays are a time of the year that is jam-packed with celebration, fun, great food, and togetherness. However, in regards to substance abuse, it can be triggering for some individuals. This could be true for a number of reasons. Sometimes an individual might have to relive a tragedy that occurred during the holidays; for others, entering the holiday season just means celebrating with drinking, which can get out of hand quickly.

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